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Yuliya Levchenko is a Ukrainian high jumper born on 28th November 1997 in Artemivsk, Ukraine. She made her professional debut in 2014 and has since become one of the most prominent high jumpers in the world. Yuliya has won several accolades and has broken numerous records throughout her career. Her passion and dedication to the sport have made her an inspiration to many aspiring athletes. In this article, you will explore her life, career, achievements, and more.

Yuliya Levchenko Bio:

Yuliya Levchenko was born on 28th November 1997 in Artemivsk, Ukraine. She grew up in a sports-oriented family, with her father as a former football player and her mother as a track and field coach. Yuliya showed an early interest in sports and began training at a young age. She started with gymnastics but switched to the high jump at the age of 11.

Yuliya’s natural talent and dedication helped her excel in the high jump, and she started participating in competitions at the regional and national levels. She soon caught the attention of the Ukrainian Athletics Federation and began training with the national team.

Yuliya Levchenko Numerology:

Yuliya Levchenko’s birth date, 28th November 1997, can be broken down to 2+8=10, 1+1=2, and 1+9+9+7=26. Adding these numbers further results in 10+2+26=38. Therefore, Yuliya’s numerology number is 38, which represents a person with a practical and analytical mind, strong determination, and a desire to succeed.

Yuliya Levchenko Zodiac Signs:

Yuliya Levchenko’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius, which is known for its adventurous, independent, and optimistic nature. Sagittarians are also said to be confident, honest, and straightforward.

Yuliya Levchenko Early Life and Family:

Born and raised in Artemivsk, a city in eastern Ukraine, Yuliya Levchenko is daughter ofOleksandrLevchenko, who was a former football player and played for Shakhtar Donetsk and MetalistKharkiv. Her mother, Natalia Levchenko, was a track and field coach and introduced Yuliya to the high jump at a young age. Yuliya has an older sister, Oksana, who is also a high jumper and has represented Ukraine at various international competitions. Growing up, Yuliya had a close relationship with her family and often credited them for her success.

Yuliya Levchenko Personal Relationships:

Yuliya Levchenko is a private person and has not shared much about her personal life. She has not been linked with any romantic partner and seems to be solely focused on her career.

Yuliya Levchenko Career:

Yuliya Levchenko’s professional career started in 2014 when she won the bronze medal at the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China. She continued to impress in the following years and won a silver medal at the European Athletics Championships in 2017, held in Amsterdam. In 2018, Yuliya made her mark on the world stage by winning the bronze medal at the World Indoor Championships held in Birmingham, England. She continued her winning streak by securing the gold medal at the European U23 Championships in the same year.

Yuliya’s biggest achievement came at the 2019 World Championships held in Doha, Qatar, where she won the silver medal, setting a new personal best and Ukrainian national record of 2.04 meters. She followed this up with a bronze medal at the European Indoor Championships in 2021, held in Torun, Poland. Yuliya’s current team is the Ukrainian National Team, and she is coached by AndriySokolovskiy.

Yuliya Levchenko Achievements:

Yuliya Levchenko’s achievements are numerous and impressive, including the following:
Bronze medal at the 2021 European Indoor Championships in Torun, Poland
Gold medal at the 2018 European U23 Championships in Gavle, Sweden
Bronze medal at the 2018 World Indoor Championships in Birmingham, England
Silver medal at the 2017 European Athletics Championships in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ukrainian national record holder in the high jump (2.04 meters) and many more.

Yuliya Levchenko’s consistent performances and record-breaking achievements have made her one of the most prominent high jumpers in the world.

Yuliya Levchenko Hobbies and Interests:

Apart from athletics, Yuliya Levchenko enjoys traveling, listening to music, and spending time with her family and friends. She often shares pictures of her travels and adventures on her social media accounts.

Yuliya Levchenko Net Worth:

Yuliya Levchenko’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Her income mainly comes from her athletics career, sponsorships, and endorsements.

Yuliya Levchenko Social Media:

Yuliya Levchenko is active on social media and has a considerable following. She shares updates about her training, competitions, travels, and personal life on her social media accounts. Her Instagram handle is @levchenkou, where she has over 130,000 followers.


Question : When did Yuliya Levchenko start the high jump?

Answer : Yuliya Levchenko started the high jump at the age of 11.

Question : What is Yuliya Levchenko’s numerology number?

Answer : Yuliya Levchenko’s numerology number is 38.

Question : Who is Yuliya Levchenko’s coach?

Answer : Yuliya Levchenko’s coach is Andriy Sokolovskiy.

Question : What is Yuliya Levchenko’s biggest achievement?

Answer : Yuliya Levchenko’s biggest achievement is winning the silver medal at the 2019 World Championships in Doha, Qatar.

Question : What is Yuliya Levchenko’s net worth?

Answer : Yuliya Levchenko’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Question : Is Yuliya Levchenko active on social media?

Answer : Yes, Yuliya Levchenko is active on social media, and her Instagram handle is @levchenkou.


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