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Horace Bernard Walls III, known professionally as nardo wick, is an up-and-coming American rapper, singer, songwriter, and social media influencer. He is currently signed to Flawless Entertainment and RCA Records, and has made a name for himself with his hit 2021 single “Who Want Smoke?”. This track features a remix with fellow rappers G Herbo, Lil Durk, and 21 Savage, which helped it debut at number 17 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and earn platinum certification from the RIAA.

In addition to his successful single, Wick released his debut studio album, “Who Is Nardo Wick?“, in 2021. He has also collaborated with many famous singers and rappers, showcasing his versatility and skill as an artist.

Wick’s talent has not gone unnoticed in the music industry. He even contributed to the official soundtrack for the 2021 film “Judas and the Black Messiah“. He is the youngest rapper, as he started his career at the age of 21, and in a short period, he become famous and now he is a renowned rapper in the United State.

About Nardo Wick:

Horace Bernard Walls III, popularly known as Nardo Wick, is a talented American rapper, entrepreneur, social media influencer, songwriter, and social media face. Nardo Wick was born in Jacksonville, Florida, in the United States, on 30th December 2001. In the year 2022, he is 21 years old.

His zodiac sign is Capricorn, and people born with a Capricorn zodiac sign are known for being more practical in life and ambitious.

Nardo Wick was born into an African-American family and has always been passionate about music since his childhood. Nardo Wick is famous for his rapping and music, people love his music which makes him famous at the age of 21 years. In the United States, his fame has widespread which shows his love for music.

Besides his music career, Nardo Wick is also an entrepreneur and a social media influencer. To connect with his audience and fans, he promotes his songs and music through social media platforms where he has a wide audience. Wick has also been actively collaborating with other musicians and artists to expand his reach and showcase his versatility as an artist.

Nardo Wick is currently based in the United States and is a proud American national. He belongs to a mixed ethnicity, with African descent being a significant part of his background. Wick identifies himself as a Christian and follows the religion with great devotion.

Nardo Wick Physical Stats:

Nardo Wick is 5 feet 7 inches tall, which is equivalent to 1.70 meters or 170 centimeters. He weighs approximately 55 kilograms or 121 pounds, making him a lean and fit individual. He has black eyes and black hair, which complement his overall personality and style.

Nardo Wick wears size 8 US shoes, indicating that he has small feet compared to his height. However, he does not let his shoe size deter him from making a big impact in the music industry with his exceptional talent and skills.

Nardo Wick Childhood and Early Life:

Nardo Wick graduated from a local private high school in Florida and earned a high school diploma. He started writing songs in the school itself, we can see his keen interest in music as he sharpen his skills in music since his school days.

Nardo Wick spent his childhood in Jacksonville, Florida, where he grew up with his siblings and cousins. While the media has described his heritage as African, there is limited information available about his parents and siblings. However, it is known that Nardo worked with his father, who remains unnamed, as his music engineer after conducting extensive research. His mother is a homemaker and stays at home with him.

Despite limited information about his family, Nardo Wick has become one of the most popular rappers in the music industry, with his exceptional talent and hard work earning him widespread recognition and success.

Nardo Wick Personal Life & Relationships:

Nardo Wick’s personal life has been a topic of interest among his fans and followers, and there have been numerous internet searches related to his relationship status and girlfriend. However, Wick has kept his personal life private and has not revealed much about his romantic life. He has been quite secretive about his personal life, but as per the sources, he has a rumored girlfriend named Soriyaa.

Nardo Wick is quite active on his social media platforms, and on his Instagram handles he has shared photographs where he has seen enjoying himself with his friends which shows that he loves spending time with his close friend. In his music videos, he has also worked with a wide range of female models, showcasing his versatility and creativity as an artist.

Nardo is famous and one of the most popular among the young generation, as people, are crazy about his music and admired his talent. His presence on social media is at a vast level, but still, he managed to keep his personal life private.

Nardo Wick Career and future nardo wick

Nardo Wick is an American rapper, songwriter, and social media influencer. In his childhood, Nardo Wick grew up with his cousins and siblings in Jacksonville, Florida. In high school, he started writing songs that shows his love for music. He has completed his graduation and after graduation, he decided to turn his ambition for music into his career.

Wick’s debut single “Lolli” was released in 2020 and was followed by “Slide” and “Came Up” later that year. In 2021, he released his first studio album, “Who is Wardo Wick?“, which included his hit single “Who Want Smoke?“. The song, which was released on January 22, 2021, was a massive success and helped propel Wick to stardom. He followed up with another single called “Shhh” in April 2021. Wick’s songs and music made him popular in the music industry and then he starts singing with RCA Records.

Wick has collaborated with several other popular rappers in the industry, including Future, Lil Baby, 21 Savage, Lil Durk, and G Herbo. He has also worked with a variety of female models in his music videos.

Despite being a public figure, Wick is notoriously private about his personal life, including his relationships. He has been rumored to have a girlfriend named Soriyaa but has not confirmed this.

Nardo Wick Social Media:

Nardo Wick has a significant presence on social media, with active accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Nardo regularly shares updates about his music, photos of his life, and interactions with his fans through these platforms. Unfortunately, there is no known LinkedIn account for Nardo Wick at this time.

His Social Platform Link and followers details are mentioned below:

S.NoSocial PlatformLinkFollowers
1Instagram Million
5LinkedInNot AvailableNot Available
6TikTokNot AvailableNot Available

Nardo Wick Net Worth:

Nardo makes money through various means such as stage performances, royalties, and his presence on YouTube, among other sources. Based on estimates, his income falls between $4 to USD 5 million (approximately). He has achieved this income by being a social media influencer and artist, as well as participating in events.

Nardo Wick Quick Know :

Born: 30 December 2001 (age 21 years), Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Record label: RCA Records
Albums: Who Is Nardo Wick?
Full name: Horace Bernard Walls III
Nationality: American
Genres: Hip hop; trap; gangsta rap


Question: Who is Nardo Wick?

Answer: Nardo Wick is a social media influencer and artist known for his music and content creation on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Question: What kind of music does Nardo Wick make?

Answer: Nardo Wick’s music is typically classified as hip-hop or rap. He has released several singles and has collaborated with other artists in the genre.

Question: How did Nardo Wick become famous?

Answer: Nardo Wick gained popularity through his social media presence, where he shared his music and entertaining content with his followers. His relatable personality and unique style of music helped him amass a large following.

Question: What are some of Nardo Wick’s most popular songs?

Answer: Some of Nardo Wick’s most popular songs include “Who Want Smoke,” “Shhh,” and “Who Run It.”

Question: How does Nardo Wick make money?

Answer: Nardo Wick makes money through various sources such as stage performances, royalties from his music, and sponsorships on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Question: How much money does Nardo Wick make?

Answer: According to estimates, Nardo Wick’s income ranges from $4 to USD 5 million (approximately).

Question: Is Nardo Wick active on social media?

Answer: Yes, Nardo Wick is active on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, where he regularly shares updates about his music and personal life with his fans.


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