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Jaelyn Crooks is an American teenage student at Prior Lake High School in Minnesota, who gained popularity after her video went viral. She was in the spotlight in November 2021 after her video trended together with a friend. Jaeyln Crooks made racist comments that angered many online community section. In the Video Jayeln Crooks was harassing a 14-year-old black student, Nya Sigin, who was suicidal.

About Jaelyn Crooks:

Jaelyn Crooks was born in Minnesota, United States.Although her actual date of birth has yet to surface online, she is in her late teens and close to the age of 18.She is a student at Prior Lake High School in Minnesota. The religion and horoscope of Jaelyn Crooks are not made public. She is a member of the Sioux community of Shakopee Mdewakanton.Jaelyn Crooks hold American nationality and her ethnicity is white.

Jaelyn Crooks Physical Stats:

The information about Jaelyn Crooks’ physical attributes, such as weight and height, is not readily available.

Jaelyn Crooks Childhood & Early Life

Jaeyln Crooks mother is Jodie Crooks, but no other information is available. Her father’s background is also a mystery. However, on August 15, 2014, Jaelyn’s parents wed. Jaelyn is said to be a member of an affluent Minnesotan tribe with a casino.

Jaelyn Crooks Personal Life and her Racist Viral Video:

Jaelyn Crooks is unmarried and currently a student in school. There is no information available regarding her romantic status or involvement in a relationship.

In November 2021, a video was posted by a classmate of Jaelyn Crooks and Jayden Kewley, Shaun King. The video showed the two individuals making racist remarks towards another student and even going so far as to make threatening and inciting comments towards self-harm. The contents of the video were deeply offensive, hateful, and caused harm. The video has since been taken down and is no longer accessible.

In the video, she was saying:

“You dark ass nger, You dark-ass chocolate bar. Get the fck out of here. No one likes ngers.
No one likes them. Fking kill yourself right this time. Do it fking, right. Cut deep enough this time, or f
king tie the rope higher. Like, what the fck”.

The recipient of the racist comments in the video was a 14-year-old freshman at Prior Lake named Nya Sigin, who is African American. A fellow student informed Nya of the existence of the video. Initially, she was unaware that the hateful comments were directed at her, but during a therapy session, she came to understand that the remarks were aimed specifically at her.

Elizabeth Sigin, a senior at the school and Nya’s sister, was deeply disturbed by the content of the video. She was upset by the threatening language and expressed her anger. According to Elizabeth, her sister had been the target of bullying by Jaelyn and Jayden, and the video had only added to the negative impact on their family. Nya had previously struggled with anxiety, depression, and even made an attempt at suicide in mid-2021. Although she was making progress in her recovery, the racist video caused her to relapse.

There has been a strong outpouring of support for Nya from the online community. A fundraising campaign for her college education, created on GoFundMe, raised over $38,000.

What was the outcome for Jaelyn Crooks after the racist video went viral on the internet?
Jaelyn Crooks from Prior Lake has not made any public statements since the video of her making racist comments was widely circulated on social media. Her Instagram account is now set to private.

The principal of Prior Lake sent a letter to parents to make it clear that the school does not tolerate racism or hate speech. He also stated that action would be taken against both Crooks and Jayden. Some reports suggest that the principal also sent a letter to the parents of Jaelyn.

The local police are conducting an investigation into the matter. However, there have been calls for the expulsion of the students involved. The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community, of which Jaelyn is a member, released a statement condemning racism in any form.

There have been reports of the Crooks family receiving death threats and harassment, and the police have been providing protection at their location. Meanwhile, students at Prior Lake have been organizing peaceful protests in response to the incident.

Many people have been searching for an apology from Jaelyn Crooks, but so far she has not taken responsibility for her harmful comments or issued an apology.

Jaelyn Crooks Awards &Achievements

Information on Jaelyn Crook’s awards and achievements is not readily available online.

Jaelyn Crooks Social Media

Jaelyn Crooks had an Instagram account, but it is now set to private and shows that she had 8,705 followers. Her harmful and racist remarks, in which she targeted a black student, went viral and received 12,966 views. However, the video is currently unavailable in the internet.

Jaelyn Crooks Net Worth

Jaelyn Crook’s Net Worth is not available in the internet.


Question : How old is Jaelyn Crooks?

Answer : Jaelyn Crooks is in her late teens and close to the age of 18.

Question : Is Jaelyn Crooks racist comment angered Nya’s Sister?

Answer : Elizabeth Sigin, Nya’s older sister and a senior at Prior Lake, expressed her anger and said that her younger sister had been subjected to bullying from Jaelyn and Kewley.

Elizabeth remembered that Nya had attempted suicide in the middle of 2021 due to her struggles with anxiety and depression. Nya was in the process of recovering, but the release of the video caused her to experience a setback.

Question : Is Jaelyn Crooks a Bigot Racist?

Answer : Shaun King, a student at Prior Lake High School, created and shared a troubling racist video in 2021 that elicited strong reactions from the online community. The video featured Jaelyn and another student, Kewley, making racist and hurtful comments and threats against another black student.

The victim of the offensive speech was Nya Sigin, a 14-year-old freshman at the same school. Initially, Nya did not believe that the hateful remarks were directed towards her until she realized their personal nature during a counseling session.

Question : Why Jaelyn Crooks got famous overnight?

Answer : Jaelyn Crooks racist remark video went viral which ranges angered among netizen. However, Nya has received widespread support from the online community, who have contributed generously to a GoFundMe account set up to fund her college education. The account has raised over $38,000. Since the racist video went viral, Jaelyn has not made any public statements, and her Instagram account is now set to private.

Question : Does Jaelyn Crook apologize to Nya for her racist comment?

Answer : Since the incident, Jaelyn’s family has been the target of threats. The family has, however, been given security by the police. Sadly, she has not expressed regret or accepted responsibility for her conduct.

American youngster Jaelyn Crooks attends Minnesota’s Prior Lake High School. She became popular for all the wrong reasons, including making derogatory remarks and threatening Nya Sigin with suicide.

Question : Who are Jaelyn Crooks Parents?

Answer : Jaelyn Crook’s mother name is Jodie Crooks. Unfortunately, no further details about her father are available on social media. Her parents got married on 15 August 2014.


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