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Who is Alva Jay?

Alva Jay, a notable American fashion and style YouTuber, model, and social media personality, has gained an immense following on various social media platforms. Since launching her YouTube channel under the name Alva Velasco on 6 September 2011, she has consistently provided diverse content for her fans. Her videos mostly revolve around fashion, lifestyle, fitness, and beauty, as she believes that beauty and fitness complement each other. Alva Jay’s influence in the beauty industry is undeniable, and her bold photoshoots and captivating pictures have made her an inspirational figure for many.

Alva Jay:

Social Media Sensation and Influencer:Alva Jay Velasco is a well-known American entertainer who has gained immense popularity through her social media presence. Since the introduction of her YouTube channel, Alva Velasco, on September 6, 2011, she has gathered a sizable fan base.

• Diverse Content

Alva Jay Velasco consistently engages her fans with a wide range of content on her YouTube channel. Her videos mostly revolve around fashion, lifestyle, fitness, and beauty. She uploaded her first video titled “Bronze Skin + Hot Pink Lips | Talk through Makeup Tutorial” on 14th January 2016, and since then, she has been entertaining her viewers with a variety of content. As of now, her channel has over 310k subscribers.

• Instagram Fame

Apart from YouTube, Alva Jay Velasco is also popular on Instagram. She regularly posts fashion and lifestyle photos in bikinis, which have helped her gain a considerable following of over 1.7 million people. She has used her influence on the platform to promote various notable brands and beauty products, such as Fashion Nova, Dolls Kill, Teami Blends, and HeySilkySkin.

• Multiple Social Media Accounts

In addition to her main Instagram account, Alva Jay Velasco has another account with over 953k followers. She also has a Twitter account with more than 72.8k followers, where she promotes her Only Fans account. On her Only Fans account, she shares her explicit content with her subscribers.

Alva Jay’s Inspiring Transformation:

Alva Jay, a popular blogger and social media influencer, has put in a lot of effort to achieve her perfectly chiselled physique, shedding 30 lbs through disciplined workouts and a strict diet regime. She feels that progress towards becoming a better version of oneself requires self-acceptance.

• Efforts behind Chiselled Physique

Alva Jay, a popular blogger, and social media influencer have put in a lot of effort to achieve her perfectly chiselled physique. Her journey towards fitness was not easy as she faced discouragement due to her body weight issues. However, her determination and willpower helped her achieve her fitness goals. In 2017, she moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, where she shed 30 lbs through disciplined workouts and a strict diet regime.

• From Fat to Fit

Alva believes that the key to achieving a fit body is to accept oneself the way they are before others do. She contends that one’s thoughts determine everything, and that progress towards improving oneself requires self-acceptance. Many others, especially women who struggle with self-doubt, have found encouragement in her change from being overweight to fit.

• Journey towards Social Media

Before her stint as a blogger, Alva worked in sales, selling contact lenses.With a strong presence on almost every social media platform, Alva’s content has gained popularity, and her bold content on the adult-subscription platform FanCentro has helped her build a strong fan base in millions over the web.

• Inspiring Women from Different Walks of Life

Alva’s work today is inspiring women from different walks of life to prioritize their fitness and well-being. She urges everyone to not fall for public opinion and embrace their true selves. Alva’s path demonstrates that anyone can reach their fitness objectives and motivate others to do the same with perseverance and hard work.

Alva Jay Velasco’s Relationship Status:

Alva Jay Velasco, the popular social media entertainer, is currently in a relationship with Andres Cortes. However, she was previously married to Ruben Hernandez.

• Early Marriage and Divorce

Ruben Hernandez and Alva Jay Velasco first connected on the social networking website Myspace. She had turned 18 years old only when they got married in 2011. But around ten years after their wedding, in 2020, the couple filed for divorce.

• Current Relationship

Alva Jay Velasco is not currently married and is dating Andres Cortes. She posted a picture of him kissing her on 1st May 2022, which sparked rumours of their relationship.

Overall, Alva Jay Velasco’s relationship status has been the subject of interest for many of her fans. Despite having been married in the past, she is now content in her new relationship and the two of them are having a good time.

Alva Jay’s Education:

She has completed her high school education and obtained her qualifications from a prestigious private institution in the sun-kissed southern region of California. This gorgeous individual has managed to keep her personal life under wraps, revealing very little about her family and loved ones.

Alva Jay Shares Weight Loss Tips: Alva Jay is a well-known social media influencer, model, and businesswoman who has motivated millions of fans with her upbeat outlook and uplifting remarks. One of the most apparent changes in her life was her dramatic weight reduction transformation, which she shared with her friends and followers. In a 2018 video that was published, Alva Jay claimed that she had lost 30 pounds (13 kg) in just seven months. She acknowledged that adopting a healthy lifestyle had not been simple for her and had called for a lot of discipline, effort, and dedication.

• Motivated & Positive thought Process

Despite the challenges, Alva Jay emphasized that the key to her success was staying motivated and positive throughout the process. Her positive attitude and empowering messages have been an inspiration to many who struggle with their own weight loss journey. Her transformation has proven that with determination, discipline, and a positive mindset, anyone can achieve their fitness goals.

• Weight Loss Tips for Beginners

Everyone wishing to begin their own weight-loss journey can benefit from Alva Jay’s insightful advice on how to lose weight for beginners. She recommended her followers to focus on eating entire, nutrient-dense foods rather than removing bad foods from their diets along with a lot of water and getting enough sleep, as these have a big impact on general health and weight loss.

• Make Exercise a Sustainable Habit

Moreover, Alva Jay suggested that exercise should be an essential part of any weight loss plan. She encouraged her fans to find physical activities that they enjoy and to make them a regular part of their routines. Whether it’s jogging, dancing, or weightlifting, Alva stressed that finding an exercise that one enjoys is key to making it a sustainable habit.

Alva Jay’s Net worth:

The well-known social media influencer Alva Jay has made a fortune from her work online. Her prominence on Instagram and YouTube has helped her amass an estimated $500k in wealth. Alva Jay’s distinctive material has aided in her ascent to the top, especially following her motivational weight reduction struggle. Her online profile has benefited greatly from her body confidence, which has allowed her to attract more fans.Her estimated net worth is primarily from her income sources, such as YouTube, OnlyFans, brand sponsorships, and others. Alva Jay’s success is a testament to the potential of social media platforms as a lucrative career path for those who are dedicated and have a strong online following.

Some Interesting Facts about Alva Jay’s

1. Alva Jay is a popular YouTuber, social media influencer, and fashion model.

2. She was born on February 19, 1993, in California, USA.

3. Alva Jay’s real name is Alva Velasco.

4. She started her YouTube channel in 2014 and has since gained a large following of over 1.4 million subscribers.

5. Alva Jay’s content mainly focuses on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics.

6. She has worked with several major brands, including Revolve, Fashion Nova, and Boohoo.

7. Alva Jay is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent and is proud of her heritage.

8. She often shares her fitness and health journey with her followers and advocates for body positivity.

9. Alva Jay has a close relationship with her mother and often features her in her videos.


Who is Alva Jay?

Sometimes referred to as Alva Jay, Alva Velasco is a popular American model, social media influencer, and YouTuber who specializes in fashion and style, and has amassed a significant following across various social media platforms.

What is Alva Jay famous for?

Alva Jay is famous for her diverse content on social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Her videos mostly revolve around fashion, lifestyle, fitness, and beauty, and she has also gained popularity for her bold photoshoots and captivating pictures.

How did Alva Jay achieve her fit physique?

Alva Jay achieved her fit physique through disciplined workouts and a strict diet regime, which helped her shed 30 lbs after moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas She also stresses the significance of having a good outlook and accepting oneself in order to achieve fitness goals.

What kind of content does Alva Jay share on her social media accounts?

Alva Jay shares a wide range of content on her YouTube channel, Instagram, and Twitter, including fashion, lifestyle, fitness, and beauty. She also promotes various notable brands and beauty products on her social media platforms.

What is Alva Jay’s relationship status?

Alva Jay was previously married to Ruben Hernandez but they parted ways in 2020 after being married for about ten years. She is currently in a new relationship with Andres Cortes.

What educational background does Alva Jay have?

There is no information provided in the content about Alva Jay’s educational background.

What weight loss tips did Alva Jay share with her followers?

Alva Jay shared her experience losing weight with her followers and emphasised the value of maintaining positivity and motivation during the procedure. She thinks getting healthier requires a lot of self-control, dedication, and effort.


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